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September 2016

Here in the Hungry Kitchen we are so excited to be back and are looking forward to a fantastic foodie year ahead.  Many parents and indeed children often ask for the recipes that the children have made during their cookery lessons. These recipes are child friendly and easily accomplished with a little help from an adult standing by. In a world that is now becoming more and more dominated by technology, cooking and the preparation of food is a brilliant antidote to our children’s world of screens where a computer or phone is often never far out of reach. It not only teaches them life long skills with an enthusiasm for cooking, it reminds them of where and how food ends up on their plates while encouraging creativity.  Our children leave with a knowledge that rivals early secondary food tech classes and I would encourage you get them peeling, grating, mixing, weighing in the kitchen. It’s great family time too! We hope you enjoy our school recipes.

A few safety tips when cooking at home with KS2 Children ….

  1. Always wash hands with warm soapy water before starting to cook. Don’t forget to dry them too!
  2. Raw fish, meat and eggs can carry some very nasty bacteria on them, wash hands before and after touching meat, fish and eggs.
  3. Always supervise children when using a knife. Knives should be age appropriate. Children’s cookery/safety knives are easy to find online and are generally inexpensive.
  4. Keep your eyes on what your doing!
  5. Use separate boards for meat, fish and vegetables.

Click below for a full Half Term of Recipes.


We have had a fantastic start to the year here in The Hungry Kitchen and are delighted to be using biodegradable food boxes and cutlery to take home our culinary delights.


We love to celebrate and taste different foods from around the world and this term we have been looking at foods from Italy. Italians take their food very seriously! Year Three classes have been making fresh ravioli pasta (little fingers are fantastic for shaping these small parcels of joy!) Year Four enjoyed making gnocchi with a simple tomato sauce and Year Five have been chopping and slicing a variety of vegetables for their wholesome and delicious minestrone soup.

Cooking club travelled to Japan for an hour to make sushi and marveled at the green paper-thin seaweed that held together their Nori rolls.

Year Five classes have once again been on an imaginary journey to the Banda Islands where they discovered a variety of spices. After a long and arduous trip on the trading ships they were hungry for the simple tandoori chicken and rice dishes that they made. Their letters home really captured the feel of what it would have been like to be a 19th century trader during the rule of the British Empire.

We are continually focusing on the importance of a healthy balanced diet and the children regularly go shopping in the kitchen to fill their bags full of carbohydrates and different food groups. Next time you go to the super market see if you can identify which foods belong in which food groups. Remember, most food packages have a country of origin label and it’s fascinating to find out how far your food is travelling.

Year Five and Six have been measuring the sugar contents in fizzy drinks and snacks. Pop into the kitchen and see our sugar filled fizzy drink bottles you may get quite a shock!

We are always looking for new ways to see the world and celebrate our diverse and wonderful cultures. We believe food is a fantastic way of bringing people together. If you have any family recipes you would like to share please feel free to drop them into our Kitchen. Last year we made a delightful cardamom spiced cake from Somalia, which went down a storm!

Look out for the International Cake sale in support of the refugee Kitchens, Miss Truong and our Global Ambassadors are working hard to make it a fantastic event.

See you there!

Happy Cooking!

Monday 13th July 2015

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Website July 2015

Friday 23rd January 2015

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January 2015 Hungry Kitchen Update

Tuesday 25th November 2014

We have had a fantastic term here at The Hungry Kitchen year six have been cooking Italian meatballs and simple dishes like macaroni cheese, easy meals to prepare for when they go off to secondary school! Sprite and Hippogriff groups planned and prepared their own Sunday roast menu, which included cauliflower cheese and lots of greens, it was delicious!  Garlic is a real favorite with almost all of the year groups (and a natural antioxidant) I am so proud of the children who have been really adventurous when trying new ingredients. Troll and Giant have been making amongst other things Soda bread and tasty fruity granola, and have been learning about foods from around the world. We have been scrambling, poaching and boiling eggs and looking at the importance of a healthy breakfast. Our spinach and vegetable omelet went down a storm, even the most reluctant vegetable eaters where putting brightly coloured vegetables in their omelet!

We are very happy to be part of the attendance trophy celebration, and the fresh fruit pots seem to be going down really well amongst all year groups.

We are so excited about the launch of our new reading passports and are delighted that the theme this term is cooking and recipes! Look out for the recipes on the website as you complete each new page!

We still have some of our lovely Hungry Kitchen cookery books for sale which are full of lots of colourful pictures of the children and wonderful recipes from our first cookery year. This is no ordinary cookery book… it is written for the children to follow themselves, and would make a wonderful Christmas present. I know a lot of the children would be excited to have one! You can come and find me Monday to Thursday at 3.30pm in the kitchen if you would like to buy one.

With the launch of our wonderful new reading passports we are starting a ‘recipe of the week’ children can bring in a family favourite recipe and each week we will choose our favourite recipe, the winner will receive one of our wonderful cook books. Entries must be submitted by Thursday for the following week and must be handed into the Hungry Kitchen. We may even have enough recipes to do our very own International Cookery Book.

With Christmas approaching we will be cooking up some traditional treats expect sweet cinnamon to be wafting from the windows…

Remember “ Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad!”

Miles Kington – British journalist and musician

Friday 16th May 2014

The Hungry Kitchen Diary 

It’s so good to back after the holidays and the children have been cooking up a storm! Last week the children made Soda bread rolls and chose a variety of toppings to put on them. We explored different foods from different countries and cultures and the children were excited to share stories of family favorites, from grandma’s stew to mums roast dinner we were all hungry by the end of it!

Cooking club made baked chicken mini fillets with a lemon and parsley breadcrumb crust.

Handy tip – most bakeries will sell fresh breadcrumbs if you ask. Much cheaper and nicer than the pre packed alternative!

The pear watercress, spinach and cucumber salad was a success and the children invented their own salad dressing, which they didn’t hesitate in tucking into.

This week we will be making herb chicken and roasted vegetable wraps with salad. These were a real hit last term! The older children will make homemade humous and KS1 will use halloumi as an alternative to chicken.

Following our alternative sweet savory rota in Cooking club, we will be making dark chocolate brownies using a combination of white and whole meal flour – delicious!

Some exciting news! We are hoping to get our healthy reward based tuck shop off the ground very soon and the children will be involved in making and preparing healthy snacks and treats. We are also beginning to plan our very own OGPS recipe cook, watch this space!

Wednesday 19th March 2014


We had another great week in the kitchen, the children made homemade granola with honey, coconut and dried fruits. The oats were mixed with honey and coconut oil and baked in the oven. The children then chose from apricots, raisins, coconut and dried apple to make their own unique breakfast cereal, it’s a great low sugar breakfast option!

In pairs of two the children made a two egg herb omelette, it’s great that in such a short space of time the children are really embracing new flavours and we had all sorts of fresh herbs being used. The children enjoyed eating them with a glass of fresh lemonade, which they had made the previous week…delicious!

We discussed in further detail and importance of each food group and the children drew their ideal healthy plate. We began looking at the diets of historical figures. We discussed the humble diet of Nelson Mandela, which during his early years in prison consisted mainly of oats, cabbage and fish heads. We then compared it to the lavish diet of Henry VIII whose diet is said to have contributed to his early death! The children began thinking about how food and nutrition can have both a positive and negative affect on your health both short and long term.


We had great fun making homemade whole meal pizzas; each child rolled their own dough and decided on and arranged their toppings. When they were told that garlic is the main flavour ingredient in garlic bread nearly all the children put fresh garlic (a great anti-oxidant) on their pizza! They smelt delicious! The younger children also drew a simple version of a healthy plate and we discussed briefly the difference / importance of whole wheat and white flours.

There is some exciting news that the kitchen may help the School Council to get the healthy reward based tuck shop off the ground. The children are very excited and hopefully we will be able to inspire them with some healthy tasty snacks.

We have decided to look for some keen young writers. Every other week we will choose a child’s piece of writing to be put up on the website the following week. The piece can be in the form of a poem or journalistic style article about the time spent in the kitchen that week e.g. what we made and what they enjoyed about the lesson. Any children interested in writing please come and see me in the kitchen from 1pm – 1.25pm every day.

This week, the Star Chef Award goes to Omari Easton. Well Done Omari!

Monday 10th March 2014

Cookery sessions get underway in our fabulous new kitchen. Here is Lucille Findlay’s first report

Last week was the first week of our cookery lessons, the kitchen came alive with lots of delicious smells and the children had great fun learning, cooking and trying different ingredients.

Years 4 and 5 had a busy time making Focaccia bread. The children chose a variety of toppings including fresh herbs, garlic, olives, sesame seeds and sundried tomatoes. Everyone was keen to try new flavours and even when children ‘thought’ they didn’t like something they were willing to give it a go.

We began discussing the different food groups and the importance of a healthy balanced diet. We talked about the various different vitamins and focused on Vitamin C and where it can be found. The children were surprised to find out it can be found in a variety of fruit and vegetables including oranges, blackcurrants, red peppers and even broccoli and potatoes. Each child juiced a fresh orange and really enjoyed drinking it , several of the children said it was the best juice they had ever tasted!

Finally as a treat we made fresh lemonade by peeling the zests of several lemons, squeezing the lemons and adding sugar and boiling water. The lemonade was left to cool and then put in the fridge to chill for the following week.

The children began writing up the recipes and are very excited to be working towards writing their own cookery book, filled with food facts and recipes.

Year 1 children made blueberry muffins and enjoyed a food tasting session. They tried pomegranate, dried apricots, olives, raw carrots and blueberries and described their different textures, and why they preferred some more than others. The children were really adventurous and were keen to try new things. Surprisingly the younger children were keen to try the fresh growing herbs and basil came out a real favourite! They were very excited to take home their cinnamon blueberry muffins!

This week, the Star Chef Award went to Arthur Simpson  from Year 5 Griffin.

Well done Arthur!