Tuesday 23rd January 2018

We now have a new efficient signing in system for children who are late arriving at school.  Please make sure that your child comes to the office if they are late so that they receive their mark This also enables us to  know that they are in the building, this is an important health and safety requirement.

Last week you  were given an Acceptable Usage Form called “LGFL Digi Safe”, please complete this and hand to your child’s Class Teacher by the end of this week.

Thanks everyone

The Office Team

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Please click on the link below to se the updated menu from Caterlink

OXFORD GARDENS Caterlink Autumn 2017 SA Menu Dual Gold amended 17.01.2017

Wednesday 13th December 2017

A message from our School Uniform supplier Stitch Design:

“Stitch Design, our school uniform service providers, will be closed from the 20th December until January 2nd.

They have asked us to let you know that any orders placed prior to the 20th December will be processed, and despatched the following working day, as usual.

Any orders placed after that will NOT be processed until the New Year.”

Monday 27th November 2017

A couple of important reminders from our Office Team

OGPS school ties with elastic are now available to buy online with the uniform shop Stitch Design. They are £7.10 each.

We also have some available in the POD to buy. Please have the correct money & put your child’s name & class on the envelope.

Reminder: Please make sure all items of school uniform are clearly marked with your child’s name on.

Can you please make sure you follow up your child’s absence from school with a letter stating dates & why they were absent from school, or medical evidence if available. Thank you for your co-operation.

Thursday 2nd November 2017

The School Photographer is coming to take individual child photos on the 7th November, please ensure your child is in correct uniform and is on time.

Please remember to update your Data Sheets and return them to your child’s class teacher.

All of our children are looking extremely smart, however,  please remember trainers are not part of the uniform even if they are black.

If your child is late, please remember to mark them in at the school office, this enables us to ensure that your child is on the register in case of an emergency.  If your child is going to be absent for any reason, you need to inform the school office by 9:30.

Thank you

The Office Team

Monday 8th May 2017

A couple of reminders….

Children may change their option for having a school meal/packed lunch at the beginning of every half term, unfortunately changes cannot be made at any other time.

Please try and make doctor/dental appointments for your child after school hours.  If your child has an appointment during school hours, please let the office know  in the morning when you bring your child to school, we will need to see any appointment cards/texts that you have.

Thank you

Office Team

Tuesday 28th March 2017

School re-opens on the 18th April (there is no INSET day).

If your child has an appointment during the school day, please remember to bring your appointment card or show the Office Staff the text.

If your child is off sick, please call the office by 9:30 and bring a letter for their absence when they return to school.

Thank you

Office Team

Friday 3rd March 2017

Please see below a letter explaining improvements that the LGFL have made to their free school meal eligibility checker.

Further information is also now available at www.fsm.lgfl.net

LGFL FSM Pupil Premium checking service March 2017

Wednesday 30th November 2016

If you receive a letter about registering for a Free School Meal, please take the time to read it and if you think that you may have even a small chance of being entitled, complete the accompanying form.  We receive extra funding for every child who is entitled to a Free School Meal not just for the year but for the whole time that your child attends Oxford Gardens.  This money is vitally important to the school at a time when funding for schools are being cut.

Any applications will be treated in the strictest confidence but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Office Team.


 Linda Murphy – Office Manager

Friday 11th November 2016

Please see below the latest Menu from Caterlink


Thursday 15th September 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back from the Office Team.

We are looking forward to working with you to ensure that your child has a fabulous, successful year ahead.

Please remember that if your child is unable to come to school for any reason, you need to call the office before 9:30.  If you child has been absent, we will need a note to explain the reason why when your child returns to school.

Your child needs to be in full school uniform (including black school shoes), please ask us for an order form so that you can order your uniform from Stitch Design. Details of compulsory items are below.


If you want someone new to collect your child at the end of the school day, please ensure that their details have been given to a member of the office team so that we can amend your child’s record, this avoids any confusion or upset at the end of the day.

If you believe that your child is entitled to receive a free school meal please come and talk us.

We have a requirement to report certain information to the Department of Education each year. This year they have asked us to collect some additional information.  A letter has been sent home with your child and we would ask that you complete and return it as soon as possible but at the latest by Monday 26th September.

Finally, please see below information regarding the Seasonal Nasal Flu Vaccine Programme.





Thank you

Linda, Dee & Becky

Thursday 14th April 2016

Please see below to discover what’s for lunch this Summer


Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Please click on the following links to see details of all our Summer Term After School Clubs

Clubs at OGPS Summer 2016           Clubs at OGPS Summer 2016 letter

Tuesday 15th December 2015

Please click below to see our after school clubs on offer for the Spring Term 2016

Clubs at OGPS Spring 2016

Monday 16th November 2015

Please click below to view a leaflet providing guidance on managing Chickenpox.

Chickenpox guidance

Friday 6th November 2015

We welcome back the Rag Bag Scheme to Oxford Gardens. This scheme is a simple and effective way of recycling unwanted clothes and shoes. All you have to do is put your unwanted items (clothes, duvet covers, pillow cases, paired shoes, handbags) into a bag and place in Ragbag recycle bin (the sheltered area under the creative arts block) Bags are available if needed.
The scheme increases awareness about textile recycling and by increasing recycling rates we can help the environment by ensuring less material goes to landfill as well as earning money for our school.
If you have any questions please see Robert

Rag Baggers

Wednesday 7th October 2015

As requested at our recent Parent Forum Meeting, please click below to see the most recent menu from our Catering Company AIP

Oxford Gardens Menu Sept 15 – Feb 16

Wednesday 16th Setember 2015

Reminder from the Office Team

PLEASE remember to clearly name lunch boxes, bags and bottles. This means that lost items can be quickly returned to their owners.

Click below for a copy of our Packed Lunch Guidelines

Packed Lunch Guidance September 2015


Friday 27th March 2015

  1. Please make doctor/dental appointments for your children outside of school hours wherever possible, appointments during school time disrupts your child’s learning.
  2. If you are not receiving text messages from us, please come in and check your mobile number with the office.
  3. We will be making uniform checks after Easter, please make sure your child is wearing the correct uniform, a list of compulsory uniform  is available from the office, new uniform available from stitchdesign

Friday 7th November 2014

The new pan-London Free Schools Entitlement Checking Service is now live at www.fsm.lgfl.net

Please click on the letter below for further information

Pupil Premium and LGFL

Thursday 25th September 2014

An update from our Office Team

Please ensure that you inform your child’s class teacher if someone different is collecting them after school and let your child know if they are attending playcentre that day,  we are getting increasing numbers of phone calls at the end of the day asking the office to deliver these messages to individual children.

If you receive a text message from us on  44 20 3745 4286,  please save it to your phone as “Oxford Gardens Texts” so that in future you will know where the text is coming from.

If you think you are eligible for free school meals (even if you are now receiving the Universal Free School Meal for your child), please come to the office to complete a simple form, this enables the school to claim extra money for your child which is used directly for the benefit of the children.

Many Thanks for your support with these matters

Best Wishes

Linda, Dee and Becky

Wednesday 10th September 2014

Please click below to see our Autumn Menu from our catering company AIP

Oxford Gardens Autumn 2014 Menu

Tuesday 10th June 2014

Please click below to see the most recent Menu for those families who have School Meals. I have also included the Packed Lunch Guidelines as well for your information.

Summer Menu


menu1 001

Friday 9th May 2014

A little Office reminder from Becky

Any monies sent into the office must be enclosed in an envelope clearly stating the child’s name, class and stating what the payment is for. All monies paid must be the correct amount as no change is available in the office.

Please also remember that all dinner money must be paid in advance.

Many Thanks

Please click below to see the letter which went out today to Nursery, Reception, Years 1&2 explaining all about Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium letter April 2014

Friday 7th February 2014

Here is an update from Becky:


All dinner money needs to be paid in advance. Any outstanding debt needs to be paid before Friday 14th February, or your child will have to go onto packed lunches after Half Term.

If your child is changing from school dinners to packed lunch or vice versa, please let the office know in writing.


When your child is absent from school can you please remember when they return to bring in a letter explaining why they were off school, or a letter or appointment card from the Doctors / Hospital / Opticians etc. If we do not have the evidence, then the absence will remain unauthorised.

Many Thanks for your continued support and understanding.

Tuesday 21st January 2014

A message from Dee Edwards, our Senior Admin Officer:

Please can you make sure your child/children know who is collecting them after school as we are having a large volume of calls just before the end of the school day. We understand that circumstances change and appreciate the calls being late and will endeavour to make sure the message gets to the class teacher on time. Also there are children being collected late from school and would like to remind parents that nursery children are to be collected at 3.20 pm and all other classes are to be collected at 3.30pm.
Next week we will be sending out data sheets to all parents/carers and would appreciate it if you look through and amend and send back to the school office POD. For those whose details are all correct please also sign and send back . Please note that this is very important as we may need to contact you in an emergency!
Many thanks – Dee

Click below to see the latest Menu from AIP

Oxford Gardens Autumn 2013 Menu Updated 18 12 13

Monday 9th December 2013

Please click on the link below to view guidance issued from The North West London Health Protection Team in response to a number of our pupils being absent with diarrhoea and Vomiting.

Please follow these simple guidelines to keep your children healthy and fit to attend School. Many Thanks

140714 letter to parents D+V outbreak

Friday 6th December 2013

A special message from Dee and Becky

Dear Parents/Carers

As you all know Eileen Franklin (Senior Administrative Officer) is a prominent and valued member of our school community. After 39 years with the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, and 12 of those years spent here at Oxford Gardens Primary School, Eileen is retiring.

In addition to this, Freda Pett, our committed Senior Midday Meals Supervisor, is also retiring after 25 years at Oxford Gardens Primary School.

The school and staff will be ensuring they leave with a big THANK YOU but we are aware that some parents might like to also mark the occasion. If you would like to contribute towards a retirement gift Becky Fuschillo will have a collection box in the POD office.

Many thanks for your continued support

Friday 29th November 2013

School Uniform Update

When you order School Uniform from  Stitch Design you have to pay a delivery charge of £2.95. This charge is the same no matter the quantity or type of garment that you are ordering. It therefore makes sense that you ask around to see if other families are placing orders so that these can be combined. This will result in savings for everyone. The order form can be found under the following headings:

Parents – then click on – School Uniform

Monday 18th November 2013

Reminders from the Office Team (Dee, Eileen and Becky)

  • Please make sure all school uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name as there have been many items of uniform in the Lost Property Boxes which can not be returned to their owners.

  • If your child comes into school after 9.05 please come to the office and let us know as the Register will have been closed.

  • All dinner money needs to be paid on Monday mornings in advance.

  • If your child is changing their meal pattern then please let the Office know.

A special message from Amy Teichman: AIP Quality and Nutrition Manager

Once again, we will be participating in the Food For Life Partnership’s National Roast Dinner Day. This special day sees schools across the nation serving traditional roast dinners. We will be showcasing our Red Tractor certified British Beef and local, organic vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli as well as our local British autumnal fruits such as pears and apples. In order to participate with the national day, we will be swapping our traditional Thursday Roast Dinner for Wednesday. I’ve attached the menu for your information. (Please click the link below).

Roast Dinner Day 20.11.13

Please download the latest packed lunch guidance below.


Please download the latest set of School Lunch Menus from AIP

Oxford Gardens Autumn 2013 Menu

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