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Oxford Gardens Primary School prides itself on being one of the few schools in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea that has its own fully functioning library. The library has been up and running for over 4 years now and is an integral part of our school. Children can use the library during break and lunch time to read, borrow or return books. Once a week every class has their own library slot with the librarian Rochelle, where they have the chance to get lost in the world of books. The Library is open before and after school so please come and visit our lovely library with your children, to expand their minds and imaginations.

‘The more you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go’

Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

Rochelle’s Book of the Week

Monday 3rd November 2014

walter tullAs I am sure many of you will know 2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War. In the lead up to Armistice Day (November 11th) I thought it only fitting to choose a book that examined such an important period in history.

Therefore my book of the week is ‘Walter Tull’s scrapbook’. Now many of you may be wondering just who Walter Tull is. In fact I had not idea who he was either until I read Michael Morpurgo’s ‘A Medal For Leroy’ in which one of the main characters was based on Walter Tull. This made me curious to find out a little bit more about him. This eventually led to me buying a copy of Walter Tull’s scrap book for the library.

Walter Tull’s scrapbook tells his remarkable life story. He was born in Kent in 1888 and became the FIRST black British professional football player for Tottenham Hotspur and Northampton Town. Despite experiencing racism from football supporters he rises above prejudice on the pitch and goes on to fight in France in the trenches during World War I. Due to his courage, cool head and strong heart he later becomes the first EVER black officer in the British Army.

Walter Tull shows such bravery throughout his life, be it on the football pitch or in the trenches, he is an inspiration to us all. Although it is not Walter Tull’s original scrap book all of the photo’s, records and documents used in the book are real. This really helps us to imagine what life for Walter Tull would have been like.

Walter Tull achieved so much in his short life, especially during a time where many things would have been difficult for him because of the colour of his skin. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Rochelle’s Book of the Week

Friday 4th July 2014


My Book of the Week is ‘Oh No, George’ by Chris Haughton. George is a dog who (like many of us) sometimes struggles to make the right choices. George’s owner Harris has to go out one day leaving George alone in the house.  Harris gets George t

Now George wants to be good, George tries to be good but there are just so many tempting things around the house that George just can’t seem to resist. That yummy cake looks so mouth wateringly delicious AND George loves to chase cats.o promise him that he will be good whilst he is away.

After all it’s so hard being good all the time when there are yummy cakes to guzzle and speedy cats to chase.

Will George be able to keep his promise to Harris?

What will George do?

Come to the library and read ‘Oh No George’ to find out!

Rochelle’s Book of the Week

Friday 27th June 2014

Dirty Beasts

My Book of The Week is Dirty Beasts by Roald Dahl. Now as most of you will already know Roald Dahl is one of my favourite authors of all time. I simply adore his stories. Now I am going to let you all in on a little secret here…Roald Dahl didn’t only write stories he wrote poetry and verse as well. He was ever such a talented fellow!

Dirty Beasts is simply overflowing with an assortment of wicked beasts getting up to some extraordinary and unmentionable things. My favourites are ‘The Tummy Beasts’ which is about a boy who is convinced that there is a person in his tummy. Is he making it up or is there really someone living in his tummy? ‘He must have been small and very thin or how could he have gotten in?’  I also love  ‘The Porcupine’ which is a about a little girl that chooses a very unfortunate spot to sit down and gobble up her big bag of raspberry creams. She ends up getting more than she bargained for…

Roald Dahl’s Dirty Beasts will have you laughing from start to finish. Quentin Blake’s beautiful illustrations bring to life the very wicked beasts that Roald Dahl has very cleverly created.

Rochelle’s Book of the Week

Friday 28th March 2014

shadowThe book that I have chosen to be my book of the week is Shadow by Michael Morpurgo. The book was first brought to my attention by one of the year 6 children who chose to review it for one of our talking book reviews. She couldn’t speak highly enough of it which inspired me to give it a try.

The story centres around a boy call Aman and his fight to remain in Britain after fleeing from war torn Afghanistan with his mother.  The story is told from the prospective of three people, Aman, his best friend Matt and Matt’s Grandpa. Each character allows you to view Aman’s desperate situation from a different point of view.

Aman and his family are living in a cave after they have been forced out of their village and home by the Taliban. Just when Aman and his family feel that things couldn’t get much worse a Springer Spaniel appears at the mouth of their Afghan cave. The dog becomes a constant companion, almost like a shadow which is why Aman decides to name her Shadow. However life becomes even more dangerous for Aman and his family when the Taliban decide to return and hunt them down. Can Shadow help lead them to safety? Will they find the courage to leave and if they do is anywhere safe, really safe…?

I loved this book so much that I read it in one sitting! It had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.  Shadow is definitely aimed at older readers due to some of the upsetting scenes in the story. It is definitely one of those books where the character’s stay with you long after you have closed the book.  Enjoy!

World Book Day 2014

As I am sure you are all aware, today (Thursday 6th March) is a VERY special day because it is World Book Day!

World Book Day is a day dedicated to celebrating authors, illustrators and most importantly READING! It will be celebrated across the world in over 100 different countries. It’s a day where children and adults alike can really embrace their love and passion for reading.

Here at OxfordGardens we take World Book Day very seriously. We have planned a fun filled day centred all around reading for the children. Our theme this year is bedtime stories so we have asked children to come to school dressed in their favourite pyjamas, armed with their favourite bed time read. We will be asking the children to make a small donation in return for wearing their pyjamas, which we will be donating to Book Aid International.  In addition we will be centering our world book day celebrations around the very talented author and children’s laureate (2009-11) Anthony Browne.

Please log onto our website throughout the next few days to catch a glimpse of some of our world book day activities…and our amazing pyjamas of course.

World Book Day is a day where we can encourage children to pick up a book by giving them the opportunity to own their own. Thanks to the generosity of National Book Tokens Ltd, every child will be provided with a voucher. They can take their voucher to a local bookseller and can use it to pick one of EIGHT (exclusive, new and completely free) books. Or, if they’d rather, they can use it to get £1 off any book or audio book costing over £2.99.

World Book Day is a great opportunity to really emphasis the importance of reading and show the children just how enjoyable reading can be. It is important to remember however that we don’t have to wait for World Book Day to come around each year in order to do so. Reading with children is something we can embrace everyday.  Be it through bedtime stories, a visit to the library, or reading aloud just for the fun of it. We can incorporate it into all aspects of our children’s lives.


In keeping with our world book day theme my book of the week is Gorilla by Anthony Browne. Gorilla is a book that I remember very vividly being read to me when I was a little girl. I was in year 1 Cherry Tree class when I heard it for the first time. I remember it was read to me by my teacher Mrs. Gardner.  I remember being absolutely mesmerized by Anthony Browne’s beautiful illustrations and feeling very sorry for the animals that were depicted when Hannah goes to visit the zoo. Gorilla centers around Hannah a very lonely girl who longs for her father to spend some quality time with her. Hannah however finds a much needed friend in the shape of a very friendly Gorilla…you will never look at a toy Gorilla in the same way again!

Rochelle’s Book of the week

This week I have chosen the book ‘Kings and Queens’ by Tony Robinson. When I was at school History was one of my favorite subjects. However I used to struggle so much when it came to remembering all the names of the various Kings and Queens of England and when they ruled…I think I found it a little bit boring. Unfortunately even as a grown up I still struggle to remember all of their names, when they ruled and who was married to who!

kings and queens

Tony Robinson’s (the very clever man who wrote this book) has actually made learning all about England’s Kings and Queens FUN!  He has filled it with so many interesting facts that you will be able to impress you friends with your family in fact EVERYONE!

Come and borrow it from the library to find out…

Who became king when he was only nine months old?

Which king invented the handkerchief?

Which king died on the toilet?

And who is England’s longest reigning monarch?

In this fascinating and witty look at kings and queens of England, Tony Robinson provides all the answers to these questions and many, many more.

Rochelle’s Recommended Reads For Half Term

As I am sure you are all aware half term is here. So just in case you run out of things to read, or you just need a bit of inspiration here are some of my recommendations to keep you reading over half term.


  1. A Really Short History of Everything by Bill Bryson
  2. Wonder  R.J Palacio
  3. SilverFin (Young Bond series)by Charlie Higson
  4. Coraline by Neil Gaimon
  5. The Mysterious Benedict Societyby Trenton Lee Stewart


  1. The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers
  2. Emily Brown and the Thing  by Cressida Cowell
  3. The Killer Cat by Anne Fine
  4. The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy
  5. The Queen’s Nose by Dick King-Smith


  1. Peace at Last by Jill Murphy
  2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  3. Lulu loves the library by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw
  4. Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
  5. Not now Bernard by David Mckee

Remember all of my recommended reads and my book of the week are available at the library…so come and read them! 

Reader of the Week

Friday 24th January 2014

Now as the children of Oxford Garden’s know, every week I choose a reader of the week. This might be someone that I think has been exceptionally well behaved in the library, or someone who I feel has shown a true passion for reading.

This week my reader of the week is Shania Mc Cann in Griffin class. Shania is a devoted user of our library. She will quite happily loose herself in a book for her entire break and lunchtime. One thing that has really stood out to me is that through her use of the library, she has inspired others to come and use the library with her. Often I will turn around and Shania will be reading to small groups of children that are often younger than her. She is a true role model to other children and an absolute pleasure to have in the library which is why she is my reader of the week

Book of the Week

Friday 24th January 2014

The Thirteen TreasuresThis week I have chosen the book ‘The Thirteen Treasures’, by Michelle Harrison. The Thirteen treasures centres around a girl called Tanya and her ability to see fairies, but not as we imagine them. The Fairies Tanya can see are evil and cruel. They mistreat and hurt her as they know she can tell no one that they exist.

Tanya takes the blame for the fairies mischievous behaviour, so as a punishment she is sent to stay at her Grandmothers crumbling mansion Elvesdon Manor for the summer holidays. Tanya finds it hard to get along with her Grandmother, who seems as though she has her own secrets to hide.

Elvesdon Manor is steeped in history and mystery due to the disappearance of a girl fifty years ago in the surrounding forest. Tanya befriends the caretaker’s son Fabian and together they decide to find the truth. Can Tanya’s ability to see fairies help them unravel the mystery? Soon they are facing terrible danger…could the manor’s history be about to repeat itself?

Come and borrow ‘The Thirteen Treasures’ from the library to find out the fate of Tanya and Fabian…

Reader of the Week

Friday 6th December 2013

Now as the children of Oxford Garden’s know, every week I choose a Reader of the Week. This might be someone that I think has been exceptionally well behaved in the library, or someone who I feel has shown a true passion for reading.

This week however I found myself a little bit stuck as there was not one but TWO children who have really stood out. These two children are Patrick O’Donnell in Year 3 Troll class and Shae Sweeney Year 3 Giant class.

Despite being in different classes they meet up every break time and have shown a real dedication to coming to use the library. They both sit and read so quietly that I sometimes forget they are there! They are both full of invaluable book recommendations and suggestions for the Library, as well as maintaining their allegiance to the Marvel Hero Annual and as many car books as they can possibly devour…that is what makes you both my READERS of the week.

Book of the Week

Friday 6th December 2013

This week I have chosen ‘The Factory Made Boy’ by Christine Nöstlinger. ‘The Factory Made Boy’ is actually a story that I discovered when staying at my Granddad’s house when I was a little girl. It was one of those really boring Sunday afternoons and My Granddad was looking after me. I usually loved staying at my Granddad’s but he had fallen asleep and I was ever so bored.  So I took myself off to his book shelf to see if I could find something remotely interesting to read and that is when I discovered The Factory Made Boy.

The Factory Made Boy is about a rather eccentric lady called Mrs Bartolotti. Mrs Bartolotti life is turned upside down when something incredible arrives in the post…a seven year old boy called Conrad! Conrad is perfect in every way and it’s not long before Mrs Bartolotti and Conrad grow to love each other. However the factory that made Conrad soon discover that Conrad has been delivered to the wrong address and they demand that he is sent back. Together Conrad and Mrs Bartolotti must hatch a plan to stop him being returned to the dreaded factory…

Reader of the Week

Wednesday 27th November 2013

My reader of the week is Tristan Macmillan in year 1 Merpeople class.

Over the past week Tristan has decided to dedicate his break times to reading as many dinosaur books as possible. Never before have I seen anyone, so dedicated and excited about dinosaurs! Tristan has shown a true passion and thirst for reading and knowledge, which is why he is my reader of the week.

Book of the Week

Wednesday 27th November 2013

As the Children of Oxford Gardens know I find it very hard to choose a favourite book. There are so many incredible books in our library that I often find it hard to settle on just one.

The Worst Princess

However, due to popular demand I have agreed that I will choose one book that I have really enjoyed reading per week and share it with you all. This week I have chosen:

 ‘The Worst Princess’ by Anna Kemp & Sara Ogilve.

Do not let the title confuse you as this story is not about your run of the mill wishy washy princess. ‘The Worst Princess’ is about a Princess called Sue who is tired of waiting for her prince charming to come and rescue her. Sue decides to take matters into her own hands create her own adventures filled with mischief and laughter, making an unexpected friend along the way. The Worst Princess had me laughing from start to finish and is beautifully illustrated.

Remember all of my books of the week can be found in the library. So if you like the sound of ‘The Worst Princess’ then please come and have a read!

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