Thursday 28th September 2017

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day and to mark this event we held the finals of our Annual Poetry Recital Competition.  The children had round 1 in their classroom, round 2 in their year groups and round 3 – the final – was held in the hall in front of parents and the rest of the Key Stage.  The standard this year was extremely high which made it incredibly hard to judge and choose a runner and runner-up.  It was great to see how clearly and confidently the children delivered the poems and amazing that so many of the children wrote their own poems.

The theme for National Poetry Day this year is FREEDOM so all poems were based around this theme.  There was a great mixture of poems from funny poems to more emotional and sad poems.  Many of the children, including all UKS2 children, opted to write their own poems and the standard of these was particularly impressive.

Over the next few days we will publish some of these poems on the website.

Below is a list of all our finalists:

Categories Year Groups Finalists

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Quest Aves (Gremlin)

Florence Shaw (Merpeople)

Assey Tekie (Merpeople)

Year 2 Hamza Tahlil (Goblin)

Mete Yilmazarslan (Gnome)

Maxi Forde (Gnome)


Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 Yanni Harris (Troll)

Grace Chen (Giant)

Sophie Owen (Troll)

Year 4 Simon O’Donnell (Dragon)

Jack O’Donnell (Dragon)

Cassie Gyambibi (Leprechaun)


Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 Atif Mohammed (Griffin)

Amelia Grigorian (Griffin)

Etinosa Edionwe (Centaur)

Year 6 Jamiel Richards (Hippogriff)

Chloe Byrne (Sprite)

Amir Levy-Rapaport (Sprite)


The winners of each category were:

Categories Winner
Key Stage 1 Winner: Mete Yilmazarslan (Gnome)

Runner-up: Assey Tekie (Merpeople)

Lower Key Stage 2 Winner: Yanni Harris (Troll)

Runner-up: Cassie Gyambibi (Leprechaun)

Upper Key Stage 2 Winner: Jamiel Richards (Hippogriff)

Runner-up: Chloe Byrne (Sprite)