OGPS Competes!


It has been a busy few weeks for academic based competitions and the pupils at OGPS have risen to the challenge and represented the school brilliantly.

On Tuesday 12th March, a team of four marvellous Year 5 and 6 Mathematicians took part in the North Kensington Maths Competition! Ayman, Tolmon, Mereim and James performed brilliantly through three tricky rounds. The first, a timed arithmetic challenge, the second, a word problem relay and the third, a difficult logic puzzle that required lateral thinking and excellent team work.


The children not only showed fantastic maths skills, but were also praised for the considerate way they spoke to each other and for their excellent team work. The maths was really challenging (Miss Barnett was relieved to have the mark scheme when scoring after each heat!) and the group did phenomenally well, finishing second –by four points-out of nine schools. We can’t wait to have another go next year!


On Wednesday 20th March, nine year 6 children took part in an RBKC reading competition held at Thomas' Day School in Kensington. The children were in teams of 3 and each team had to read a different book, (The Boy and the Bear in the boat, A Friend in the Dark and Secrets of a Sun King), which they then had to study in order to answer questions in a University Challenge  buzzer-style quiz against other schools. The first team to compete were Afra, Amelia and Ayman, who managed to secure the lead with 500 points. Up next for the second round were Theo, Tom and Kohana, who kept the team in joint first place. Our next team (Soufiane, Alice and Emmy) played excellently, but suffered a little drop in points as one of the other teams managed to take a lead with just 100 points in front of us. However, the final round - the general knowledge round - ended our victory: Soufiane, Afra and Alice took their seats and scored our final points to secure our leading place with a 400 point lead of 1500 points!  Oxford Gardens excitingly won the competition; an absolute victory and extremely wonderful team effort by all nine of our OGPS students. The children will compete in a finalists’ competition on the 7th May where OGPS will represent the borough and compete against the finalists from other London boroughs.  Fingers crossed that we take home a win again. 


This half term we hosted our own competition - our first ever Spelling Bee.  The whole competition lasted a few week and was a tremendous success. In the first round, all of the children made an overwhelming effort to learn their given common exception words and competed fantastically.  Five children from each class then went on to the second round, where they battled children from the opposing class. Two children then represented each year group and bravely took to the stage in front of their key stage and parents to spell their words aloud.


The winners were:

Year 1- Zephyr

Year 2- Habon

Year 3- Lefteris

Year 4- Meadow

Year 5- James

Year 6- Afra


Wonderful news to end what has been a very busy week. 

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.