Goodness, we are at the end of the first half of the Spring Term, which means that we are now half way through the year. Extraordinary! The time has gone so quickly.

We have had a wonderful 6 weeks and the children have all been trying so hard. Fabulous progress has been made, and I know that we have especially seen some amazing writing being produced as part of their writing assessments. In the Spring Term, we often see accelerated progress, as the children begin to embed the use of new literary skills and techniques they have covered since the beginning of the year. However, this year we also clearly have some exceptionally talented writers. Well Done.

Thank you for all your support throughout these dark cold months, the beginning of a new year is never easy.

Finally, I hope that you manage to enjoy some rest and family time throughout the coming week and I would like to end by celebrating Tomo’s Mosaic Parent Workshop. These wonderful parents are always busy creating new installations to brighten up our building. Their latest addition is a beautiful new sign for our library, which we are delighted with. Their next project is a special school sign for the Crowthorne Road entrance. Colours and design are shown below. Thank you from all of us here for all your creativity and enthusiasm.

See you all on Monday 20th February.