Core Values – In the Foundation Stage



To become a Successful Learner, I should:

  • choose activities I enjoy
  • be proud of my achievements
  • be interested in learning
  • be excited about learning
  • enjoy learning.
  • see Learning as a journey.

To become an Independent Learner, I should:

  • get resources (things I need to help me learn) independently – by myself.
  • choose the activities independently
  • ask others for help if I need it
  • concentrate and extend my own ideas / learning.



To become a Confident Learner, I should:

  • explore learning by touching, smelling ,listening and looking
  • not worry about making mistakes
  • feel safe in the classroom and playground
  • be happy and feel safe
  • believe in myself
  • not worry about asking for help.

To become a Responsible Learner, I should:

  • look after my own belongings & class equipment.
  • know the difference between right and wrong
  • be honest if I have done something wrong
  • know that I belong as part of a class team in a school community.
Thinking Tools

Children should be taught to:

  • think about their responses to open ended questions.
  • engage in ‘Think, Pair, Share’ and ‘Talk Partners’.
  • identify their next steps in order to consolidate and extend their own learning.

Children should be taught to:

  • take turns when speaking and listening and be able to take into account the ideas of others.
  • reflect upon their learning and evaluate their achievements.
Personal Skills Emotional Skills Social Skills
  • Managing their own needs; self help skills and personal hygiene.
  • Sustaining involvement and persevering with tasks.
  • Having awareness of own needs and those of others.
  • Feeling happy safe and secure.
  • Being motivated to learn.
  • Expressing a range of emotions appropriately.
  • Positive interactions with others.
  • Sharing and taking turns.
  • Understanding the needs of others; for example, giving them their own space.
  • Learning to work in a group.


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