Cant believe that it is Wednesday already.

They are all loving farm life and the smiles and laughter sum up the most wonderful week.

'Hi Year 6 Parents/Carers,


Wow what an amazing time we are having here at Magdalen Farm! Last night we got all cosy and sat together for a movie night, complete with popcorn before heading to bed for the night. The children were absolutely exhausted after yesterday’s activities so all slept beautifully. 


This morning, we have had the most fun with some of the children commenting that it has been the best day of their lives! We started the morning with a lesson in fire lighting, where we used kindling and hay to heat up some water to create a volcano and put out the fire safely. Next we moved onto den building in our teams using wood from the forest; it had to be big enough for the whole team and make sure that it was weatherproof! After that, we explored the rest of the forest and all had a go on the mud slide and tree swing - the children were all absolutely covered in mud yet all remained super enthusiastic. We are so proud of them all for really getting stuck in and embracing farm life! We are just busy enjoying some delicious lunch before heading out for a tree planting activity and the party starts tonight with a dancing disco!'


The Year 6 Team