The last full day.....................home tomorrow


'The children are loving their time at Magdalen Farm. Yesterday we ended our afternoon by planting a whopping 113 trees, as part of an OGPS legacy which will remain at Magdalen forever. Last night, we partied until we dropped, with a night of very competitive dance offs, musical statues and a supermodel catwalk competition. They danced the night away and again everyone slept through without a problem. 


This morning, we were up for breakfast before heading out for an orienteering challenge. Miss Storey’s team aka the Gangsta Goats, ended up slightly off course and showed true resilience and some of the best examples of teamwork I have ever seen. The winning team, with a whopping 155 points was Team Thunder with Miss Trabelsi as leader! We are so proud of the sheer determination all of the children have shown throughout this trip and how they are adapting to farm life and everything that comes with it! After that, we met Jenny the horse and helped to collect all of her poo (which we now know is used as fertiliser for the soil on the farm!) Some of the children are showing exceptional poo-picking up skills! We managed to pick a fresh apple and head inside for some games before the rain started. This afternoon we will be learning more about vegetable farming, investigating the pond and other habitats to see what creatures we can find to explore biodiversity even further! For our final night, we will be gathering round the campfire to sing some songs and roast some sweet treats.'


'You will receive a text tomorrow about 20 minutes prior to our arrival but we estimate that we will get back at OGPS for around 1.30/2pm. We are so excited to see you all!'