Core Values – In Lower Key Stage 2



To become a Successful Learner, I should:

  • explain my ideas to talk partners and in group discussions
  • strive to achieve my goals
  • be proud and celebrate my achievements
  • try my hardest to find a solution if I find something hard and not be afraid to make mistakes
  • try to do my very best at all times.

To become an Independent Learner, I should:

  • believe in myself
  • not worry about what my friends are doing and believe in myself
  • take responsibility for my own learning
  • try to extend my own learning and stretch myself
  • try new challenges – even if they may be hard.



To become a Confident Learner, I should:

  • learn from mistakes and not worry about making them.
  • always try to take on new challenges.
  • be proud of my work.
  • believe in myself
  • feel secure with voicing my opinion to others (children or adults)
  • ask for help
  • be happy with who I am.

To become a Responsible Learner, I should:

  • take control and be responsible for my actions
  • recognise what I can add to the Team
  • be accountable for my behaviour and learning
  • control my behaviour and understand that all actions have a re-action
  • take pride in my learning, my classroom and school community.
Thinking Tools

Children should be taught to:

  • use ‘Think, Pair, Share’.
  • use Talk Partners to explore their ideas.
  • use thinking time.
  • share their ideas at appropriate times

Children should be taught to:

  • self assess.
  • peer assess.
  • edit and improve their learning.
Personal Skills Emotional Skills Social Skills
  • Work independently.
  • Work within a Team.
  • Work within a different environment.
  • Be accountable with regard to their organisational skills.
  • Express themselves in an appropriate way.
  • Understand their emotions.
  • Deal with their emotions.
  • Learn how to empathise with other children’s feelings and emotions
  • Interact with other schools.
  • Work and co-operate with each other.
  • Learn how to respect others.
  • To demonstrate good manners.
  • To take turns.
  • To share with others.

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