Core Values – In Upper Key Stage 2



To become a Successful Learner, I should:

  • strive to achieve my personal goals.
  • have the desire to do my best.
  • be proud of, and celebrate, my achievements.
  • have a positive attitude towards my learning.
  • overcome my own barriers.
  • understand that it’s ok to make mistakes, but it’s a mistake not to try.

To become an Independent Learner, I should:

  • set my own challenges & choose my own outcomes
  • know my own capabilities and believe in myself.
  • set my own targets with high expectations of myself.
  • have the tools to find solutions for myself.
  • have a desire to tackle new challenges.



To become a Confident Learner, I should:

  • have a positive self image with strong self belief and inner strength.
  • be comfortable with my abilities and be proud of my achievements.
  • be happy with who I am.
  • be assertive in a positive and constructive manner.

To become a Responsible Learner, I should:

  • see learning as a journey.
  • understand that all decisions have outcomes; own my decision as well as the outcome.
  • treat others in a way that I would like to be treated.
  • be accountable for my learning and behaviour.
  • take pride in my learning environment and school community.
Thinking Tools

I should learn how to:

  • own my achievements.
  • recognise my achievements.
  • use my Learning Journey to know where I am with my learning and set targets that I need to work on next.

I should learn how to:

  • use Success Criteria to improve and assess my learning.
  • critically reflect on my learning.
  • learn as part of a team and support each others learning.
  • solve problems in a variety of ways.
Personal Skills Emotional Skills Social Skills


  • Respect others
  • Appreciate difference
  • Understand that different children face different challenges.
  • Organise myself for learning.
  • Work independently.


  • Be sensitive to the feelings of others.
  • Have strategies to use to calm down when I am upset or anxious.
  • Deal positively with challenges and competition.


  • Co-operate with others.
  • Take turns.
  • Participate well.
  • Show politeness at all times.
  • Use negotiation skills.
  • Work positively as part of a team.

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